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1 Year Later and This Company is BLOWING UP!

If you've been following Matt Risinger, you might remember his discovery of Aerobarrier at the International Build Show in 2018. He's back at IBS 2019 and Aerobarrier has exploded (in a good way). This product is going to revolutionize building science. Risinger checks in with Gord Cooke from to talk about how stress free and beneficial this product is to make your house even tighter in just 90 minutes.Who wouldn't want to remove the angst of building airtight homes? The obvious answer is no one. With the trend of airtight or net-zero building, having a resource to aid in that process will remove all stress in getting to net zero.How does it work? The builder gets the house or building to the drywall phase, and Aerobarrier. You might be wondering if houses need to breathe, and you're not alone. Cooke explains how building a tight home allows you to control what type of air you let in, how you let it in, and when you let it in. Ventilation systems have been code in homes since 1995. Check out the full video to learn more about this revolutionary technology.