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1880's Historic Remodel Progress

We check in with Matt Risinger who is working with architect Hugh Jefferson Randlolph (AIA) on a whole-house restoration job of a historic home built in the 1880s. Smart tips and tricks are revealed that maximize the space and keep the historic look and feel, such as bringing a staircase up to code by adding steel onto the rails and creating new cedar pickets that completely match the old ones. New trim has been produced with brand new mill work and pain to match the original look and feel, avoiding lead issues. Risinger takes us through the still coming together open kitchen, including a marble-topped island and filtered water unit. He touches on how the original floors were carefully pulled by board and re-laid alongside new ones when necessary creating a brand new look for the original flooring, and then shows off some custom steel windows at back of the house, which open great views of the city skyline. Watch the video to see more, including the amazing hidden pantry!http://www.mattrisinger.com