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1950's House Forwards to 2010 Efficiency with Spray Foam,In this video

Matt Risinger checks in at a whole-house remodel job he's doing of a 1950's-era house, where they're bringing it up to current standards for energy efficiency with a spray-foamed attic and new HVAC equipment. Risinger's team is using open cell foam on the job, which requires a lot of equipment. While it's more expensive than the traditional fiberglass that was in this house originally, they're creating insulation up to rooftop level with this remodel, fully encapsulating the roof. With high heat in an attic, you need a huge engine to cool down a house. The new HVAC equipment will run in the conditioned attic space, which will now be no more than a few degrees hotter than the rest of the house, increasing its effectiveness and allowing for a smaller engine to cool and heat the house. At the end of the video, Risinger's contractor shows the spray foam application process, how it is "painted" it on with a hose and quickly expands to fill cavities and crevices. Watch the video to learn how spray foam can make a huge difference in home energy efficiency.