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2015 Gift Guide for Builders, Handymen, and Dad

It's time for the top ten holiday gifts again. In this video, Matt Risinger, presents his annual holiday gift guide. Beginning with the cheapest item—Nite-Ize Gear Ties—a stocking stuffer. Coming in at $4 to $12 they are reusable rubber twist ties in a variety of colors. Second, is Klein Tools. For $13, there are 11-in-1 tools. Risinger keeps one in the door of the truck and another in a kitchen drawer and says he uses it daily. Third is a Steelie Car Mount Kit—just drop it on the magnetic dash mount and it's easy to see who's calling without looking down—a great hands-free device. Fourth, Amazon Basics External Battery Phone Charger that has two USB slots to charge two things at once. There are several out there, but this one was only $25. Fifth every builder needs a flashlight at all times. The Fenix E12 is $23 and features 130 lumens. It takes one AA battery. There is also a Fenix PD22 for $50 that is 500 lumens and is the same size as the E12. The last flashlight is the 4Sevens Maelstrom flashlight with 800 lumens for $90. It includes a strap and a micro USB charger, eliminating the need to worry about batteries. There are three knife options on the list. Starting at only $12 the SOG Key Knifed it's small, locks back, and it's easy to always carry. For $30 is a knife that's easy to slide into a pocket. It's a nice Kershaw Cryo knife with speed-safe technology that is very fast to open. The one Risinger indicates he keeps at all time is the Benchmade Mini-Barrage with a price tag of $120 locks open and locks closed. A FLIR One Thermal Imager comes in Apple and Android flavors for approximately $350. Used to find problems in houses using thermal imaging. It plugs into a phone so the phone can be used for video and camera functions with the IR camera.Next on the list is Yeti Rambler 20 & Colster that can be laser etched with a logo each for approximately $30. The Rambler keeps coffee hot for about two hours. There's always a need for a battery tester. The ZTS Multi-Mini mini version can be used with all different battery sizes and is very accurate compared with others on the market. Amazon has little $5 cases to store batteries that they sell as an add-on and that come in all of the different battery sizes. For flashlights and all gear used for long term, use a lithium battery. For high-drain products, a really good choice is Duracell Quantum alkaline batteries are the longest lasting.The last gift is the most expensive, the Nikon Monarch 7 binoculars at $450. This allows the user to see such things as the condition of a roof without getting onto a ladder and for hunters it's a great pair of optics. That wraps holiday gift selections for another year.