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2017 Panasonic Smart Connected Home - What's new at the International Builder Show

At 2017 IBS, Matt Risinger spent some time at the cutting-edge Panasonic booth. They've won awards for things like Best Energy Efficient Product and Risinger has been a fan of their exhaust fans for years, considering them some of the best in the industry when it comes to products for indoor air Quality IAQ. With Panasonic's Smart Connected Home system, you can control not just ventilation, but get door and motion sensors, leak detectors, indoor and outdoor cameras, and much more. This system helps you monitor and control fresh air and ventilation in your home for maximum efficiency, including remote control of dampers and using the app to determine CFMs so you can achieve completely balanced makeup air. Watch the video to learn about these and other exhaust and smart home innovations from Panasonic, or visit