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2019 Top Kitchen and Bath Design Trends - Kitchen & Bath Show in Vegas

At the Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas, Kim Lewis, designer, and Jordan Smith take the role of reporters. In this video, we follow Kim and Jordan to booths at the show, beginning with the Aria booth. Aria has found a way to hide HVAC vents. This neat product plugs directly into existing HVAC vents, ending up with a nice clean square rectangle that lets the air flow remain very clean. Cover it with wallpaper, carpet, wood or tile, providing a more modern high-end look. On to the Coastal Shower Door booth and Kim shows us fun, barn door functioning shower hardware. It can be customized with other steel frames. Moving to the FORNO booth showing a new option for colorful induction stovetops. The prototypes are only selling in Canada but they're trying to gauge interest. Jordan's at a booth showing barnwood - he rapidly moves on, stating it's just been way overdone. Lighting is an opportunity for builders to cater more to the architecture of the home, and they should spend a bit more time researching lighting options so that it's a compliment to the space, rather than throwing in lights. At the SeaGull booth, the designer series provides many options for high-end ideas. At the Lauriermax custom cabinetry booth, a fun island for small living space is a cracked oak veneer. Pull it out and you have a dining table. They also have shaker style cabinets that are very nice with a full overlay on the shaker style door and a whole hidden room behind a cabinet door. They also have integrated upper cabinets with a place for everything, but it's hidden.At the Kohler booth there's a new stainless-steel sink featuring an interchangeable face front. Select from six different finishes or leave it up to the designer. Fully customizable. Kitchen faucets now look like pieces of art in the kitchen. People are also going for very professional looking kitchens that function well. Zip Water's HydroTap allows you to have filtered water boiling water and sparkling water, all from the same tap. It's expensive, but if you're putting in a high-end kitchen and want to set yourself apart, this is one way. Additional show highlights include a beautiful curved concrete tile look that's backlit. Theintegrated lighting is extraordinary. Another option is colored tiles that are 97% recycled materials and taken up the whole wall, not just a backsplash. There are also a lot of our wall-mounted vanities and wall-mounted toilets," which is a greatway to save space and are easier to clean than a normal toilet with the tank