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3 Tips For A Well Run Job Site

Want to manage your jobs better and build a high-quality house? In this video, Matt Risinger gives us three tips for a well-run job site. The first might be a surprise—it's a job site desk. Just 2 x 4's and plywood, it is a great place for plans, and it can act as a standing conference table for job-site meetings. It's also a central spot for job-site tools. Second is a panel box that can be ordered online or like this one, built by an electrician. It acts as a fancy subpanel that can take sanders, air conditioning, USB outlets and more. Finally, Risinger is a fan of conditioning his houses under construction. With construction taking a year or more and materials such as fine wood, woodworking, painter's caulk," all of this means that the air inside is best a humidity-controlled environment. He uses both an air conditioner and a job-site Quest dehumidifier.