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$50 Soundproofing Hack

There are plenty of ways to soundproof your home, but some can be costly. In this video, Matt Risinger shows us an easy trick for soundproofing the home with just one tool and $50 worth of supplies. Before you tune in, you'll want to make sure you're in the construction phase, since this trick doesn't work if you already have drywall. So, how does he do it? Once drywall is up, it does a pretty good job of soundproofing on its own, but the issue people run into is the outlets. Air comes through the outlets since they create spaces in the wall. Naturally, this means sound does, too. Using acoustic putty pads, you can air seal around outlets and the form very easily. Watch the full video for an easy trick to a quieter home. The products Risinger uses can be found by following the links belowAcoustical Sealant - Putty Pads Option 1 - Pads Option 2 - Gun -