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READY-FRAME® Challenge

"Today, we're putting on a great event for us to present opportunities for this new READY-FRAME®. What we've got is a challenge - between a framer and Jason - on speed. We're going to show them the speed in which they'll be able to assemble a wall assembly. How quick that goes, how safe that is, that lack of waste and the 20-30% savings that we're promoting."

"I've heard it's going to save us a lot of time."

"An issue we deal with - along with a lot of other builders - is job-site waste. Into the day, when you have a pile left over that could be worth several hundred dollars, that's something that you want to eliminate."

"So everything goes fine. And the way it is supposed to be, they will save around 30%."

"You know, I don't know if 15 or 20% is accurate. I'm hoping - I've heard those types of numbers - that's helpful if we can get that."

"So if you look at this bundle over here, this is a READY-FRAME® wall. It's been pre-cut, pre-bundled, all the parts and pieces are in the bundle that I need to build my wall. On this side, we have a traditional framing package, which is just loose lumber that Luis is going to go through that lumber. He's going to have to cut and mark. I'm not a professional framer, so we'll see how it goes."

Traditional job site finished in 8:57 minutes with two frames. READY-FRAME® finished in 5:25 with one person. 

READY-FRAME® wins! 39% faster during challenge.

Better, faster, safer, greener - guaranteed!

"You know, it was faster and that made it impressive that somebody who's not really a professional framer still out-doing a professional." "It allows us to actually pre-sale more units because we can deliver on the time that we're promising."

"It sounds pretty enticing that BMC offers a service to go out there and teach them how to get it working, which I think for most builders is the biggest issue."

"Smaller crew, less time, less waste, a lot safer. This is the savings."