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Tips for Finding Leaks After Your Blower Door Test

Once you conduct your blower door test, it's time to find the leaks.

Here are some tips and low-cost equipment options for finding them:

1. Be ready to fix the holes. Don't do this without tape, a roller, or liquid flash on site. This way, you have the ability to fix anything on the spot. (Seems like common sense, but you'd be surprised.) Fix instantly, not tomorrow. 

2. Have the proper equipment to find those holes. Jake will share the value of a fog machine (just like the one you use on Halloween). Fill the building with fog and it'll force the fog out of the penetrations. You'll be able to find some large holes with this. 

3. Use an IR camera, even a simple one, not need for any expensive or fancy equipment. In some cases, it may not be effective, but Jake will explain when it's good to use.

4. Use your ears. Air moving through a cavity makes a noise, but how loud can you make that noise? Jake will explain how to do this.