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A House Built to Last 500 Years!

Looking for a house that will last for generations? Matt Risinger has built a house that utilizes standard materials but can last for decades. Risinger dives into the step-by-step process and what he did to build this long-lasting house. Starting with the foundation, Risinger talks about the pier and beam foundation that he has used. Then he dives into framing, flaunting that beautiful framing job he did all around the house. Next topic of discussion and favorite of Risinger's insulation. Risinger and his team have added what he calls one giant blanket of insulation on the outside of this house, designing it in such a way that the inside can breathe freely and still provide a cozy feeling in the cold. Risinger He'll show even more ways that he made this house able to last decades. From accessible utilities to a sturdy exterior, we'll learn that we can create easy maintenance and long-lasting houses by implementing such methods.