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A Killer New Commercial 3 in 1 Sheathing

A new system from USG & Tremco combines USG sheathing with a Tremco 22-mil (or thicker) Fluid Applied Air & Water Barrier. In this video, join Matt Risinger on a commercial building site for a demonstration and overview of this killer new product.

Risinger takes some of the best practices of commercial building and brings them into his residential building, so this video takes you to a commercial build site to learn more about the Secure Rock ExoAir 430. In residential building, you would typically use AdvanTech sheathing or ZipWall for waterproofing and to achieve your air barrier, but in commercial building they use USG secure rock, which is a gypsum board that has a fiberglass facer; the fiberglass prevents mold growth.

The newest in commercial building is the Secure Rock with ExoAir 430 fluid-based barrier already applied. The barrier is applied in the factory under perfect conditions, so all you have to do at the jobsite is seal the penetrations, such as screw holes.

What are the three main reasons you'd use this system? First off, quality assurance; you know that the ExoAir 430 is applied in the factory. You can use this system in any weather or climate; you don't have to spray anything, so temperature doesn't matter. Finally, it's time-saving since there are less steps.

Watch the full video to see multiple applications of this new USG Sheathing.