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A Look at Some 1910 Building Features That Were Ahead of Their Time

Brent Hull is on a field trip in Chicago checking out some famous Frank Lloyd Wright houses. Today he's on site at the Robie House from 1910. We'll explore some fun features that were quite innovative for the time.

For starters, a garage was way ahead of its time. One of the features that makes it what we call Prairie Style is it's long, linear structure. He designed with long horizontal bricks and dark lines on the gutter. There's also gutters but no down spouts. Instead, he'd create drains in the ground that were meant to catch the water. Also, check out the narrow nature of the house with a hidden front door for a feeling of protection. And that's just the beginning. Wright was great at creating comfortable spaces, which we'll see here. We'll also take a walk inside the house for some more cool features.

Hull Millwork