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Air Sealing The Joint Between Framing & Concrete

Is the area between your framing and concrete foundation a critical area to seal when building an airtight house? The short answer yes. Most houses have sill sealer, which provides some sealing, but it's less than perfect.In this video, you'll learn how to better seal the joint between framing and concrete both on the inside and the outside of the house. From the inside, there are two easy ways to ensure your air sealing your house. The cheapest option is to caulk the joint. Matt Risinger uses Dynaflex 230. You can see how he caulks the joint between framing and concrete - it's quick and easy.A slightly more expensive option is using an air sealing tape. SIGA makes a great air sealing tape that you might want to try.If you really want to make sure you're building a tight house, then you definitely want to focus on sealing the joint from the outside. First thing's first - use a primer (Risinger uses Delta HF primer). Prime the top two inches of concrete and the framing before you apply the tape. In this video, you can see two different options Delta Multi Band tape and SIGA Fentrim tape.Tune in to the full video to see air sealing in action.