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Air Sealing with Owens Corning Energy Complete

Matt Risinger enjoys sharing best practices in new home building. This video is a preview of Owens Corning's Energy Complete product, a two-part system that fully air seals and then insulates on top of the sealant. It begins with a spray gun that mixes two components together in the spray gun and delivers a sprayable foam that only minimally expands, forming a nice seal in places that are notoriously leaky and hard to fill with regular spray foam, such as from bottom plate to the subfloor connection. This increases energy efficiency in the home by reducing air infiltration. In the video, Risinger demonstrates Energy Complete as a preview, and then invites people to come down for a lunch and learn so they can see the results, and learn about next steps. Watch the video to learn more about Owens Corning Energy Complete.