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Architect Nick Deaver Leads a tour of a 70's Remodeled House Kitchen

Family Room, Pantry, Office, Architect Nick Deaver leads a tour of a remodeled 70's house in the Northwest Hills of Austin. In this segment, he's touring the crowd through the kitchen, family room, pantry, and office. In the kitchen, Deaver shows off the large windows, which allow for ample sunlight to come through the centered space. A skylight was put in over the cooking area to shower it with natural light, even at night. The Mahogany kitchen cabinets were enhanced by a Mahogany door (leading to the pantry) and a piece of Mahogany plywood, which gives the room the illusion that it is made entirely from Mahogany. Follow Deaver as he leads a tour through the newly remodeled home during a lively open house. You can see all the dramatic before and after photos at