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Bart Laemmel - Risinger Goes Rogue

Matt Risinger speaks with Bart Laemmel at the 20th Annual Westford Symposium on Building Science Nerd Camp about the building science world in Colorado. One topic that is hot in his home state right now is grow rooms for marijuana, both from small-scale home growers to large commercial growers. In terms of indoor air quality and mold growth, Laemmel thinks there could be an issue with the elevated moisture levels and getting the moisture pushed out throughout the building. The smell is also pretty bad. He's interested to see how these issues will be tackled and will change the game in building science.From Laemmel's point of view, the biggest issue builders in Colorado may run into soon is improper application of spray foam. He thinks the carpenter will have an increasingly technical role that will be even more valuable than they have been in the past. Risinger then asks Laemmel to create a list of things he could have in his dream house. He quickly counts off a small size home and a mudroom. Tune in to find out the rest.