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Best of the Intl Builders Show 2018

The International Builders Show is always packed with new, cool and innovative products. In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder and Jordan Smith interview attending builders to find out what they found compelling about the show. Jason Black from Artisan Signature Homes in Prospect, KY calls out the sliding doors with openings of 20, 30 and 40 feet long. At the click of a button the automatic doors slide back into a packet for indoor/outdoor living. Asked what the worst product at the show was so far, Jason responds with lighted bathtubs. Rick Mills of Jackson Andrews Building + Design in Virginia Beach, VA called out a rockwool demonstration where attendees go into a tunnel and hear the sound reduction rockwool provides. Lucas Gibbs, Lucas Gibbs Homes in Abilene, TX said that he uses the zip system a lot, and their new j-roller has indentions that form the letter Z. When you when you roll it, you can see what was done and what was missed. Will Gonell, Gonell Homes, Etobicoka, ON Canada, found a moving wall that Marvin windows has and said he was impressed with the ease and functionality and had a project ready for it. Risinger stops to talk to the CEO of a company called Renorun that delivers construction materials in two hours with free coffee every time. The service is based on a smartphone app that enables the choice of materials from between 40-50 stores. An algorithm assigns a driver for pickup of materials and guarantees delivery each time and a guarantee of straight lumber. Find the Renorun app in the App Store and Android Store. So far, the service is in Montreal and Toronto, moving into the States. At the Endura booth, Risinger demos a hybrid door frame. The frame is LVL band it has a jamb saver at the bottom that prevents rot, the LVL core for strength, and also jambs that snap in. Also, at the Endura booth, Risinger asks an Endura rep, Adam to demonstrate a product. It's common that hammers get dropped or shoes scratch door sills. Instead of having to Sawzall the sill out, with a putty knife, a rubber mallet and a block of wood, Adam shows us how easy it is to replace the aluminum. Peter Pfeiffer, of Barley-Pfeiffer Architects claims the best of IBS was the kitchen/bath show, especially the Wilson Art booth with new quartz and metal products. Jordan Smith was extremely impressed with Anderson's 16 ft. lift and slide door that was curved around a 90- degree corner, made up of three huge panels and mentioned the challenges of framing up the door. Smith's vote for the worst of the show is the embossing of non-wood material with wood grain. One of Risinger's show favorites was a Phyn Plus whole-house shutoff system, a smart device that doesn't replace a shutoff valve, however it enables remote shutoff when necessary based on alerts provided by the software. IBS 2018 was full of killer new products and ones that were not so cool. Check out the video and see for yourself.