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Best Tools and Tips for Hurricane Flood Clean-up

Matt Risinger talks about his picks for the best tools you need after a flood for safe and effective cleanup. He talks the order of how to proceed, and how to tackle different types of materials and surfaces strategically. He goes over some of his favorite tools to use when doing this kind of work, like cutting tools for insulation, crowbars, and a Dremel Multitool with a half moon shaped blade that can cut wood, cabinets, and nails. Personal protection is also really important. Not only can flood waters contain sewage, but working around mold, bleach and in older houses, possibly asbestos and/or lead-based paint, you need proper protection. He talks respirators, masks, gloves and other PPE, as well as best practices on how to safely prepare the space once it's cleaned out, with bleach and mold protection sprays. Here's a resource list of some of Risinger's favorites, along with a couple of links about general flood cleanupHUD Guide to Disaster Cleanup - Flood Cleanup LSU - Stanley Clawbar - 50-Pack Bi-Metal Blue Knife Blades - Utility Knife - Fixed Bade Knife Screwdriver 11n1 18v Drill & Driver Set 4 ½" Wet or Dry Turbo Diamond Circular Saw Blade - 4 1/2" 7 am angle grinder - MM45 - Half Moon MM452 Blade - Super Sawzaw - (Best Deal) - Mold Control 1 Gallon - Gallon Sprayer Shop-vac - Temper 6 CF Poly Wheelbarrow - Shovel D-Handle Squeegee Claw Hammer - Strait-Line Classic Chalk Reel - Virtua Safety Glasses - Respirator - Mask 10Pack Gloves Pint Dehumidifier Fan