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Concrete and Foundation Wall Footings: Episode #2

On this episode of Building on an Island, Wade heads over to Block Island to place the concrete for the foundation wall footings. This is an important and productive step in the process. After the quick and easy excavation process, and securing the footings in place, the team will wet set the uprights. Now, you might be wondering how they get a concrete truck on an island. You may be surprised to learn that a concrete truck is not allowed on the ferry, so they must import raw materials a little differently.

Wade will talk with William Rose of Block Island Concrete so we can learn how concrete is manufactured on Block Island. From pre-planning, ordering materials, and timing considerations, there is plenty to think about for William. Even the tides play a role in the ferry ramp when it comes to getting some raw materials needed to make the concrete. Every detail matters and we’re sometimes at the mercy of Mother Nature. Building on an island is unique and it’s difficult to have a hard timeline when there are so many logistics factors to consider.

Stay with Wade as he gets the concrete process underway on the jobsite with his concrete foremen and team, setting the formwork for the walls. He’ll take us deep into the details.