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Board Formed Architectural Concrete Walls - How To

The craftsmanship of concrete is complicated and detailed, its structural integrity is specifically designed to stand up to time, elements, and weight. Which is why it is used in some of the most common and frequently walked places like sidewalks and public facilities. Matt Risinger discusses board formed concrete which is a standard concrete wall that is shaped with wood, so when the forms are taken off the design and texture remain. Creating a really beautiful architecture for your home. These can be used in several areas in the house, with the use of wall ties like fiberglass and metal and wedge anchors. These allow for some really solid stability that won't budge, locking it down to the foundation. The specifics of board form make it so important to hire someone that knows how to really brace the wall beforehand and who has plenty of experience. You really only get one shot with this. Tune in for the full video and learn more about the nitty gritty of board forming.