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Bona Naturale Hardwood Floor Finish Review

Master Builder Matt Risinger highly recommends Bona Naturale Hardwood Floor Finish. In this video, he takes us into a remodel nine months after completion to show the hardwood finish and how it's holding up. Spoiler alert it looks great! Matt and his team used a three inch white oak hardwood floor—a type of floor so tried-and-true you would probably see it in houses built more than 100 years ago. They primed the floor with a water and alcohol mix, which he says helped the wood accept more of the dark, blackish stain to give the floor a nice, charcoal finish. The Bona Naturale Finish is a water based finished, and the matte finish used on this floor looks fabulous. Even the residents' cat, Chomper, approves! Take a look for yourself to see why.