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Boston Row House Renovation with NS Builders

On The Build Show today Matt Risinger catches up with his old friend Nick Schiffer. Schiffer is the Fine Home Building Ambassador and owner of NS Builders in Boston. Schiffer shows us a home renovation he and his team have been working on. The build that Schiffer is doing is being conducted on a 100 year old row house which has some rich history, but on a building science level is not the greatest and is enduring some water damage. The client Schiffer is working for owns the basement unit which is being stripped down and totally remodeled. Schiffer talks to Risinger about the new slab he is laying down and the walling units. Schiffer also gives insight into some of the materials he is using for this complete remodel like 5/8 or ½ in blue boards, a veneer plaster, recessed white oak baseboards, and Kerdi boards for the cold. Schiffer talks to Risinger about the problems they were having with the house like waterproofing and leaks and how his team at NS Builders is going to fix those problems. Schiffer really gives us great details on how he is building a beautiful remodel for this 100 year old row house basement.