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Build Tight - Ventilate Right, Fresh Air Input for HVAC in Austin, TX

Building houses tight obviously helps with energy cost inside and keeping many industrial pollutants outside, however building tight also means that stale air is breathed in constantly and the outgassing from carpeting, furniture, etc., stays in the air to be breathed and volatile organic compound levels can remain dangerously high. In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder, explains how his practice is to add a fresh air input system in high-performance green homes to mitigate the problems.Risinger walks viewers through the addition of a system that, although located on a second floor of a home, provides fresh air to both floors. The video will show you how to ensure that fresh, filtered air can be delivered via the fan in your furnace system for so many minutes per hour based on user preferences.Building tight to save energy can be balanced by regularly delivering fresh, clean air to family members. Check out the fairly simple system and see if it should be part of your next remodel.