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Builders Software- Real World Examples of How It Helps Builders. Intl Builders Show 2019

At the IBS 2019, Buildertrend Software founders meet up with Matt Risinger, master builder. Attending an IBS nearly 15 years prior, the founders signed up a few clients from their then 10 x 10 booth. In this video, we hear the founders talk about the first problem the young company solved for builders was helping people with project management and communication—the same as it is today, although the software has evolved. The software is involved in every aspect of the building project. Mobility has been a major trend in the software development, everyone is on their smartphone. One particularly useful feature is change order management, getting the orders in front of the customer and getting them approved so that the project doesn't stall. Within Buildertrend, there are more than 400 people dedicated to customers and they offer extensive training to their employees. Risinger talks to two long-standing Buildertrend customers that discuss the support they receive, their favorite aspects of the software, what brought them into its use to begin with, and more.