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Collaborating with Architects

Matt Risinger talks with Matt Fijkus, professor at UT and principal of Matt Fijkus Architecture. They discuss the benefits of a positive working relationship between architects and builders, which traditionally, can be contentious. The architect usually hands-off designs and the builder is stuck with execution, no matter the challenges or surprises that may arise. Bringing these two entities together early benefits everyone. Together, they make decisions throughout the process on staying within budget and answering the wants and needs of the client as best they can—collaboration instead of battle. Risinger pushes to have the architect involved throughout, meeting frequently with the team to review process and client expectations, and offering a valuable second set of eyes on quality, design or structure. Plus, it's fun to work together instead of against one another, and the whole project benefits. Watch the video to hear more from both professionals about the benefits of architects and builders working together.