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As an architect , I strive for reasons for every decision, arbitrary solutions may work, but an “underlying theme” or “Parti” as I was taught is the approach I choose to align my thoughts. A Parti is simply a preconceived view, a view that holds the underlying meaning to all choices to provide hat sens of cohesiveness. As I stood at the top of the hill with my clients and Jake (the builder), I talked about how the house should touch the land gently, and it should disseminate as it extends off the hill. It’s easy to wave your hands on that first site visit, and talk architect, but sooner or later that Parti had to find a path to reality, because we are in the business of building things. In this video, I break out the front elevation and BIG RED and I talk about the Parti, and more importantly, how we solved for the actual building. We talk about the use of balance in an elevation, and how the solid nature of the building slowly dissolves as he elevation progresses off the hill. We talk about how the many decisions always reverted back to the Parti. It’s only a very small insight into the thoughts of an architect, but it’s a start……Enjoy the video my friends.


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