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Condo Sound Control,Have you ever lived in a home with shared walls?

A beautiful condo can be ruined by your neighbor's noise. In this video, you can watch as Matt Risinger tests the soundproofing between condo units and shows you how they achieved the sound control. To build the sound wall, you can use a staggered approach. That means you use a top/bottom plate that is larger than the supports. In this case, you'll see a 2 x 6 top plate with 2 x 4 supports. Since the support beams don't connect to the opposite side of the wall, the vibration of the noise doesn't reach the other side.What else should you use? Risinger recommends using Quietrock, which is sound reducing drywall, sound proofing putties to cover anything that penetrates the walls (in this case, electrical boxes, and finally Rocksilk insulation.To see, or rather hear, the final effects of this soundproofing," check out the full video.