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Cree LS8 LED Strip Lights for my Shop - Risinger Goes Rogue

In this quick video, Matt Risinger of Risinger Homes pops in to recommend a new type of lighting he's discovered that he loves, which works well for both his office and his warehouse/storage space. This warehouse is a staging space and storage facility for materials for Risinger Homes, a custom builder and whole house remodeling contractor. With this big, open space, big lighting was crucial. While traditionally, many people would select fluorescent tube lighting for such a space, Matt has instead installed CREE LS8s ( These are an 8-ft long LED strip that looks like tube lighting, but with a much greener profile. All-LED, each LS8 is delivering 8000 lumens but using only 88 watts, with very high, 92 CRI. He's installed 10 at the shop so far and they're generating a ton of light. Check out the video to see how these perform, and to hear Matt's recommendation. For more tips on Building & Remodeling visit the blog at