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Deck Building Best Practice - 3 Tips (including Grace Vycor Deck Protector)

As a builder, water is the number one enemy. In this episode, Matt Risinger reviews Prosoco's R Guard System for waterproofing a house. Sean from Prosoco walks us through a waterproofing system that is different from standard housewrappers in that it is a substrate, creating minimal lapse and making it easy to understand and install. A pretty cool thing to note as the system is applied, it looks a lot like a rubber and it allows the vapor to enter the house, but not the bulk water. Watch step-by-step as Sean surgically applies this system with no gloves and no mess. Also included here are some links to check out the products in action. http://www.Cosella-Dorken.comhttp://www.Poly-Wall.comhttp://www.Huberwood.comhttp://www.Prosoco.comhttp://www.Marvin.comhttp://www.Roxul.comhttp://www.DAP.comSausage Pack Caulking Gun Tip Raptor Brush