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Deck Over A Flat Roof

How do you build a beautiful deck over water or a living space? Matt Risinger dives into a decking system that does the trick. In this video, Risinger reviews the Bison Pedestal and deck-tile system. Bison pedestal deck supports are manufactured with 20% post-industrial recycled materials. Bison Versadjust, Level. It, and ScrewJack pedestals create level rooftop decks over sloped surfaces. These pedestals elevate and support wood tiles, concrete pavers, site furnishings, and a variety of other surfaces where sophisticated, commercial-grade decking is required. Why use it? Added value comes in the form of waterproofing which acts as a bathtub under the deck that you'll never see. When complete, it will also provide a lot of protection from UV rays, doubling the lifespan of the deck. Watch the video for the full review and to see the product in action. More information about the products mentioned and show sponsors. http://www.Prosoco.com