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Demo + Hard Questions about Zip System

In this video, Matt Risinger teaches us about fluid applied flashings, specifically the Huber's Zip System. We'll learn how peeling stick and fluid applied methods are really taking over and becoming adopted by many builders due to their time, cost and durability characteristics. This is why the Zip System is highlighted. It offers a fluid apply from the factory and a very solid waterproofing which gives builders the option to tape or use another fluid applied to the windows, seams and even on nail heads. The products highlighted in this video are not only durable and efficient but easy to use, require very few steps, are weather resistant and easy to clean when you are finished. The fluid applicants and Zip System also reduce the stress of fixing job-zone damage. Fluid applied and the Zip System appear to be the way of building future, from efficiency, to the ability to stick to all surfaces, and ease the stress of job zone damage and window/pipe installation.