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Do this before the Insulator arrives

It's $300 well spent!,In this video Matt Risinger shows you how to use a froth pack to tighten up your home. Before the insulator shows up, you want to do a thorough assessment of the home for areas that need to be well sealed. Froth-Pak 200, the product Risinger uses is a spray foam that's used to air seal in order to avoid water penetration and bugs. The professional use, two-component polyurethane spray foam system is used to fill cavities, wall and floor penetrations, cracks, and expansion joints. Chemical curing allows two part polyurethane foam to be dispensed, expand, and become tack-free in seconds. Time is of the essence as it will skin over in 30 to 40 seconds and be completely cured in under 1 minute. Once you turn it on you need to seal it all in one swift motion. Watch the full video for details and what to be cautious of! Learn more about the products mentioned in the video by visiting the links listed here. - Renovation Coverall - Nitrate Gloves - Stuff Foam -