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Exterior Insulation Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Here we'll take a deep dive into exterior insulation, with best practices and other do's and don'ts. It all starts with a horror story of one of the first homes Matt Risinger built using exterior insulation. There were massive issues that happened by not installing the insulation with an eye toward building science—understanding and preventing building failures is a key part. We'll walk through the case for outside insulation, which is being driven partly by code changes—if you aren't required to use it yet, you will be soon. Risinger also discusses different installation assemblies and methods that work (and don't) by showing us several different jobs and challenges and how each was addressed. Watch and see how and why he compares his custom-built homes to top-of-the-line Yeti coolers! This video is sponsored by Matt Risinger's friends at ROCKWOOL, whose product is vapor permeable, water resistant and fire resistant.