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Fire and Sound Proofing Insulation by Roxul

Matt Risinger is joined by Mark from My Fix It Up Life to show you around the Roxul sound booth at the International Builders' Show. Spoiler warning it's very quiet in there. Roxul's product has more benefits than they can cover in one video. First, it is easy for you to install because it's friction-fit between the studs. For a carpenter, that's like music to his ears. You don't need an insulation expert to install Roxul. Besides an easy install process, Roxul is an extremely effective product. As you can see in the beginning of the video, it's excellent at soundproofing. Even more, it's fire resistant up to 2,150 degrees (if they could say it was fireproof, they would, but that's not technically allowed).Whether you're looking for excellent soundproofing or effective fireproofing, you should definitely check out this product. Tune in to the full video to learn more.