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Flood Rebuilding Methods - Hurricane Harvey

After Texas was struck by a natural disaster, Matt Risinger heads to scenes of homes to implement state-of-the-art house rebuilding methods. Here' we'll see a house rebuild Risinger shows off, conducted on a friend's home whose house was hit with about four feet of flood water, destroying everything inside. His friend, Dave, came up with a great idea to reuse the slabs on grades already inside his house, a great choice of foundation to use in high flood risk areas. The rebuild is being desgind around the forces of nature that can occur at any time, making the first floor like a big crawl space. The team does a great job at reusing all undestroyed slabs and making the house extremely water resistant. Though this is a highly costly house rebuild Risinger wanted to show off the ways that beefy support work, great energy efficient ventilators, water heaters, and great craftsmanship can really help out through times of trouble.