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Fluid Applied Tyvek - Recessed Window Install Best Practice How To

Recessed Windows can be very difficult to install correctly. Today on The Build Show Matt Risinger is talks with Cory Ball to show us some best practice methods to install recessed windows using fluid applied Tyvek. Risinger talks about the window they're working on which has already been set in place. Risinger mentions the details he used to set the window before getting to the Tyvek. After going over all the details that have been finished, Risinger and Ball show how to get the best results from the fluid application. Before wrapping up, reveals more of the features Tyvek fluid apply can provide your build - from being bulk watertight, very airtight and being vapor permeable. Finally Ball talks a little bit more about the Tyvek Fluid Applied and how you can use it to really get the best install for your recessed window.