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Framing OSB vs. PLYWOOD vs. ZIP vs. ZIP-R - Sheathing Options & COSTS

Sheathing is a critical component in your home, because you want to make sure it's durable, long lasting, efficient, and storm proof house. Matt Risinger compares 3 different sheathing options in terms of efficiency and cost. He takes a look at OSB, plywood, ZIP and discusses why you may want to use one over another. OSB can be between $10-$25 a sheet, ranging from $1,700-$4,400 for the whole house. Plywood can range from $16-$24 per sheet and $2,800-$4,200 for the whole house. While ZIP can be $16-$26 per sheet, leaving you with $2,800-$4,700 for the whole house. Aside from cost, there are also other factors to take into account when debating which type of sheathing will be better for you. Be sure to tune into the full video to learn more before you decide.