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Front Door Hardware - Pivot, No Threshold, Mortise Lock

Let's learn about an architect's dream door. Matt Risinger shows one off. This giant pivot door uses Rixson offset hinges and a Pemko Automatic door bottom for a zero threshold entry. Risinger goes over all aspects of this door from the size, door jam, the entry limestone, the threshold, and the Rixson Pivot hardware. This Rixson Pivots are what adds the extra touch to the door by covering the hinges and giving it smooth transitions. We'll also get a peek at the mortise front door lock system. Just press a button on the side of the door and the door will auto lock. Mortise locks tend to be strong and reliable and are a great option for commercial properties and high traffic areas. Their internal components are quite different from that of traditional bored cylindrical locks. Learn more about these locks by watching the video and explore this dream door.