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Frozen Hose Bibb Changed to This Sleek One!

Turns out its super easy to change to that old leaky or frozen hose bibb out for something newer and nicer. Matt Risinger shows us how to install the Aquor house hydrant. With standard hose bibbs, it becomes very common that freezing weather can cause cracking and frozen pipes. People who lives in colder climates tend to have freeze free hose bibbs because it prevents freezing and shut off water supply inside the wall, these are efficient however they aren't exactly aesthetically pleasing like Aquor is. It has a modern looking vibe with a flap for convenience. First you need to turn off the water and remove the old hose bibb, which will require cutting drywall often. Definitely use a stud finder, and cut stud to stud to make it easy to fix it up later on. It seems like a no brainer to use an easy electric saw, but Risinger cautions that this can really ruin the project if you aren't careful. Use a small chisel, and make just enough space for your new hydrant. Tune in for some great tips and techniques for your home installation.