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Hidden Door In A Wood Wall - Soss Hinge Review

Matt Risinger knows just what it takes to create the perfect hidden door. He takes us to a 1930s home where there is a hidden water closet door. But what are the details of the craftsmanship behind this interesting build? Risinger demonstrates the use of soss hinge, which is essentially a concealed door hinge. Regular hinges would give the door away immediately. Soss hinges come in various sizes and finishes such as brass, bronze, stainless steel, and nickel. When incorporating soss hinges into your design, consider using spax screws too, since other average screws are far too flimsy for a job like this. It's amazing to see a floor to ceiling door that closes smoothly and remains incognito. Watch the full video to check out this hidden door and the specs required to make it happen.