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High Efficiency Wall Assemblies - BASF Show Village IBS 2017

The BASF booth at the IBS show was a treasure trove of great ideas. In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder, takes us for a quick tour of the booth, from high-efficiency wall assemblies including the HP+ Wall System with a typical 24 on center 2 x 4 wall with closed cell on one side, and on the other side has a layer that makes the wall more structural than even an OSB wall. An open cell and a closed cell conditioned attic display that uses sheetrock as a base before hey spray in the foam, yielding a couple more inches of the insulation. On the closed-cell unit, you end up with super air tight and super energy efficiency, you also get resiliency.Risinger also demos the fluid flash product from BASF as well as a product for northern climates where the mechanicals are likely in a basement, so you can use open cell or closed cell in the attic, with a layer of loose cell on top of that that is less expensive.