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Houses need to BREATHE! - Shut your filthy mouth

We hear a lot of things about houses, but one thing that often comes up is "houses need to breathe", but is that really true? People say that they need leaky houses, because of a concern from indoor air quality, so they figure the leakier the house, the more fresh air will get in. Matt Risinger makes one thing very clear, he's a huge advocate for air tightness in homes. But often people say that older homes were long lasting because they could breathe, but these houses wouldn't meet air tightness standards today, they'd require so much energy to heat or cool since air is constantly escaping, and moisture build up. They say that 40% of energy costs is a spent on air leaking out, that pretty significant in terms of energy use and costs. Houses are built with very moisture sensitive materials these days, so the materials are very different when compared to homes that were built years ago. Watch the full video to find out the real answer, do houses really need to breathe?