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How To Install a Sliding Glass Door

Matt Risinger goes into the intricate details required when it comes to installing Marvin Slide Doors. In this video, you learn a few tips and tricks, as well as best practices. Risinger brings in Corey Clontch, owner of Architectural Impressions, to go over the details of this door. According to Clontch, you need to make sure your surroundings are adept for this 10x15 foot door. Other important factors a good air barrier, getting the floor to mesh with the door, using an air bag product to get it nice and leveled, and good sealants around the corners while the door frame is added in. The framing is the most critical part of the install and Risinger and Clontch go into detail about how to get the framework perfect. We'll also learn about getting the door panels in using some strong muscle and padding and the interior insulation.