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How To Soundproof A Recording Studio

Matt Risinger has touched on some easy and cheap sound proofing tips in past videos, but what about some real heavy-duty sound proofing? Risinger takes us to a recording studio that will definitely be producing a lot of noise. First, they used insulation tips in the walls, these are specifically utilized for soundproofing because they are made of flexible material and can absorb energy aka sound. Then, there lies two layers of dry wall below the walls. So clearly layering is key here, the more layers and the more energy absorbing the material in the walls is, the quieter the room. The main takeaway to achieve ultimate soundproofing is this the devil is in the details. But before you close up, beware of the tiny spaces where air and sound can come through. Tune in for the full video and learn more about how to soundproof like a pro.