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How Windows Get Tested for Air/Water/Structural Failure - Risinger Goes Rogue

In this video, Matt Risinger visits an Intertek facility to see how Marvin Windows withstand tests for air, water, and structure failures. Plus, you'll see the Hurricane test required for Miami-Dade County certifications.Every window and door sold in America comes with a performance rating. You want doors and windows that will hold water and air, as well as perform structurally during times of high wind. A large vacuum and a spray rig will spray water at the rate of an 8-inch rainstorm simulation on the outside. In the video, they perform a test at a DP 50 rating, which means 50 pounds per square foot of both wind and water on the outside of the window to make sure there are no leaks and no air infiltrating. Even if you're not in a hurricane-prone area, you will want to go with a window that's at a 30 or better.They also performed an impact-rating test on the Marvin Window by shooting a 2x4 cannon at it at two different locations. They then simulated the pressure force of what it would be like during a hurricane on the window after it was struck by the 2x4.