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HVAC Planning + Quiet Ducting

Planning your HVAC system and layout prior to construction is vitally important. Watch Project Architect Eric MacInereny with Heimsath Architects and Gary with Air Rite HVAC discussing the installation of an HVAC system in a new build.MacInereny emphasizes that planning the HVAC system and the location of the ductwork before the build allows you to build a much more efficient home. As an added bonus, you can make sure that the system is easily accessible, which ensures easier annual maintenance.In this house, the best location for the HVAC system happens to be right above the master bedroom. Which presents the question how do you ensure your HVAC system won't disrupt the peace and quiet of your home?Matt Risinger, master builder, talks with Gary from Air Rite HVAC about the best way to keep your HVAC system quiet. First, the noise outputs vary by the type of equipment and brand. You can see the American Standard unit installed in this video; it has two speeds for heating and cooling, both of which allow for less noise output. In addition to the unit itself, you can see how to use an isolation spring to reduce vibration and a duct liner to further limit noise coming from the HVAC unit.Even more," you'll learn about the steps taken to ensure a quiet AND high-efficient HVAC system. Tune into the full video to learn more.