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I was BLOWN AWAY by this innovation in REAL Hardwood Floors!

As Matt Risinger's exploration of new materials at the Baltimore Remodeling and Deck expo comes to a close, he meets with the founder of a new hardwood floor product. Steller Innovations, run by husband and wife team, Britta Teller and Evan Stover, are bringing the world a new and "innovative" flooring product. When Stover noticed a malfunction in the building design of flooring, for instance it was always separating from the floor underneath, he and his father decided to create hardwood floors that connect to each other instead of the flooring underneath in order to create a more reliable and long-lasting floor for your home. It's true wood, refinished, easy to install, glue free, and avoids the gaps in between. All you need is a mallet and you're set! Watch the full video to see how these new floors may change the standard for flooring installation in the years to come!