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IBS 2016 - Advantech's New SubFloor Glue, Thick Insulated Zip, plus Super Wide Stretch tape

Matt Risinger joins Builder Magazine's Lauren Hunter to check out the Huber booth at the 2016 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas. They explore the Huber booth and new products to share with you.What might you find in this video? Huber's AdvanTech subfloor brand has a new adhesive that carries a squeak-free warranty, plus two new Zip products are unveiled at the show.First, you'll learn more about the AdvanTech adhesive that is nearly 10x stronger than the traditional adhesive. Because the adhesive is so strong, it forces the joist to move along with the AdvanTech subfloor, which prevents squeaking. They're so confident in the product, that they guarantee 10 years squeak free if you use the Advantech subfloor and adhesive together.Also, at the Huber booth, check out new Zip systems. Risinger shows you the brand new 2.5" insulated sheathing, which has benefits in both cold and warm climates. Finally, stick around for some super-wide stretch/flex tape, perfect for your recessed windows.Watch the full video to learn more about these products.