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IBS 2016 - Mitsubishi - 30+ SEER

Nest Integration, & New Traditional Heat Pump Models, In this video, check out Matt Risinger's favorite things from the 2016 International Builders' Show.

Mitsubishi makes some amazing mini-split units, but did you know they also make a traditional furnace just like the American brands? You can see their traditional HVAC units up close in this video. Mitsubishi launched a new app called Kumo Cloud that controls all facets of your thermostat in one place. Mitsubishi brought VRF (Variant Refrigerant Flow) to the game more than 30 years ago. What's new in the HVAC equipment world of Mitsubishi? First, you'll see a 30.5 mini-split system that provides the heating and cooling for a room but is also connected to your compressor. An exciting new technology found at the show is an infrared sensor on the unit that can tell when people are in the room. Even more, all of the Mitsubishi systems are quiet and the controls can integrate with your favorite thermostat systems. What else is Mitsubishi bringing to the HVAC world? Check out the video to find out.